• Around Cable

    Around Cable

    Cable networks, Fiber optics (FTTx/PON), Structured cabling systems, Wired access networks and outside plant cabling, Protocol and application performance analysis, Fault locating, Cable repair and recovery, DPI, equipment, devices and tools, etc.

  • Around Data Center

    Around Data Center

    Corporate Data Centers and LAN, Modular and containerized DC, Data Centers services for business, Remote monitoring and administration systems, Deployment of IT infrastructure, Data Center cabling infrastructure, Access control and Security systems, Networks and resource protection etc.

  • Around Cloud

    Around Cloud

    Cloud computing, Cloud services for business, Cloud CRM, Private clouds, Public clouds, Hybrid clouds, Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization, Security and reliability, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.

  • Around IP

    Around IP

    Voice over IP, CCTVoIP, Videoconferencing, Telepresence systems, Unified Communications, Network administration, Information security, Intrusion prevention technologies, etc.

  • Business & IT

    Business & IT

    Mobile networks services for business, Business intelligence, Data processing, Social networks for business, Data storage as a service, Administration and performance, Outsourcing, etc.

  • WLAN Academy

    WLAN Academy

    Wireless technologies for local area and access networks, Standards, Technologies (Wi-Fi, HEW, MESH), Applications, Microwave transmission, Regulation practice, Information security, Testing and troubleshooting, etc.

  • FTTx Academy

    FTTx Academy

    High-efficient fiber optics installation technologies, Technical and economic aspects of implementing FTTB/FTTH projects; Practical implementations of FTTx networks: positive experience and mistakes, Legal aspects, Experience of interaction with the owners of the objects, etc.

  • Around Data

    Around Data

    Construction of modern storage systems, Reliable data storage, storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS), Local area network for storage, Big Data/p>

  • PROmobility


    Mobility as a business innovation, Corporate mobile strategy, Clouds, SaaS, and virtualization on mobile enterprise, Mobile data integration and management, Deployment and maintenance of the enterprise mobility infrastructure, «Mobilization» of key business applications, Corporate services provided by mobile operators

  • Modern Engineering Infrastructure

    Modern Engineering Infrastructure

    Data Center engineering infrastructure, Engineering infrastructure design, Power and cooling, Reliable and cost effective power, Cooling systems, Fire safety systems, Renewable energy, Green technology etc.

  • Around Automation

    Around Automation

    The event covers all issues related to the automation of enterprises, producing all kinds of products, producing and distributing energy, and also in public transport, housing and communal services.

  • Around Contact Center

    Around Contact Center

    The 'Around Contact Centers' visitors will be able to gain practical knowledge and real working tips from experts in the field of organization and contact center management. Presentations by experts will be extremely useful not only for the CC owners, but for users as well.

  • HR Club

    HR Club

    Practical knowledge and real work cases for HR guru. The event is aimed at CEOs and executives, directors and human resources managers, analysts and industry experts.

  • Around IoT

    Around IoT

    The event covers all issues related to the Internet of Things: data transmission environment, interaction models, information security and so forth. We consider the nuances of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things as a component of smart manufacturing, smart homes and other smart solutions.

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2019, September 5

BIT-2019 International Forum: cloud technologies, data centers, IP communications, contact centers, Internet of Things, IT services for business

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2019, September 10

BIT-2019 International Forum: cloud technologies, data centers, IP communications, Internet of Things, IT services for business

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