Business & IT International Forum

«Business & Information Technologies» (BIT) – is the meeting of ICT and business professionals. The event is dedicated to effective methods of business processes optimization with the help of modern information technologies.

Currently the Forum is the largest platform for business communications where all, who provide companies with IT equipment and services, can meet with their clients, announce them new ideas and great proposals, showcase their products and share expertise.

BUSINESS & IT FORUM AUDIENCE are technicians as well as middle and top managers of private and public companies (end-users of ICT solutions and their suppliers):

  • Corporate SME/LE and Commerce;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Industrial SME/LE;
  • Fixed and Mobile operators;
  • Internet service providers;
  • CATV;
  • Transportation companies;
  • Power manufacturing/distribution companies;
  • Government institutions/monopolies;
  • Departmental institutions;
  • Designing organizations;
  • Telecom contractors;
  • Integrators/VARs;
  • ICT vendor/Distributors/Resellers/Dealers.

BUSINESS & IT FORUM TOPICS cover all the matters related to the innovations in IT, as well as the effective use of modern information technologies in business processes:

  • data storage as a service;
  • services for the smooth operation of the corporate network;
  • services provided by data centers for business;
  • increase the efficiency of the company by means of modern IT;
  • modern business processes and IT;
  • economic and legal aspects;
  • improving accessibility to corporate resources;
  • effective presentation of business in web;
  • creation of corporate resources;
  • corporate resources management;
  • tools for promoting business in web;
  • effective Intranet: web, e-mail, messagers, collaboration;
  • ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning);
  • CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management);
  • project management software;
  • IT outsourcing;
  • virtualization;
  • IT infrastructure security;
  • etc.

Testimonials from Sponsors & Partners

I liked everything. And especially the fact that there are a lot of specialists. Very interesting audience gathered!
Alexander Opanasenko Megaplan. Ukraine

I really appreciate the organization of the Forum. There are so many participants there!
Alexander Lasy, CROC

Successful Forum! Audience is grateful. I got a lot of questions from audience!
Ivan Zimin, IT-Solutions

WHY BUSINESS & IT? Many of our sponsors and partners regularly take part in the Forum with real advantage for their businesses (see the list of partners). They choose «Business & IT» because:

Permanent growth

Unlike most traditional exhibitions and conferences, our audience is growing (more than 4 times in 6 years).

Unique atmosphere

Today it is the number one industry event in Ukraine, Russia, and CIS with an unforgettable atmosphere and unique program.

Direct access

Forum is an ideal platform for business communications and direct access to the target audience.

100% hit

Here you can find only the professionals who are relevant to the issues discussed, as well as senior managers responsible for decision-making and business leaders.

Exclusive services

Sponsors have a unique set of services to effectively promote their solutions in front of hundreds of potential buyers before, during and after the event.

Professional staff

Here you can find and hire really high-quality employees for your company.

«Business & IT» is the best way to demonstrate your brand, expertise, products and services to thousands of interested professionals!

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