Save up to 25% of your marketing funds!

Cooperation on a permanent basis provides undeniable advantages to the partner. One of the most powerful is a substantial discount to participate in events organized by CIS Events Group (in the case of participation in several activities).

Wholesale discounts for events participation:

  • When ordering participation in 4 events and more partner will receive a 15% discount! In addition, such advance planning allows the partner to take the best place at future events.

  • -25If an order includes 8 events and more partner is guaranteed to save 25% of its money! It's not just about the funds economy, but also about a massive marketing attack with bright synergetic effect.

Each CIS Events Group event is a special event with its unique audience and unforgettable atmosphere. That is why many partners choose to participate in several events in a row, covering a significantly larger number of regions and gaining access to many hundreds of potential customers.

Grow your business with CIS Events Group!

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